samedi 24 décembre 2005


Barbary, Cartea Negra, Tsunami,
Enola Gay, Kamikaze, Valkiries, Fatwah, Globalization, Police brutality,
Death row, Guernica, Dolly clone, Snuff films, Cannibalism,
Les Racines du Mal, Shoa, Big Brother, BZ, Tchernobyl, Anthrax,
Hooligans, Apartheid, Klu Klux Klan, Taliban, Mafia, Land mines,
Pollution, Famine, Torture, Xenophobe, Pandemonium, Oil Spills,
Electric chair, Alcatraz, Attila, Mercenaries, Radioactivity, Colateral
, Universal, Cut throats, War, Murder, Jezabel, Bethlehem,
Apocalypse, Madness, Rape...

Cataclysm, Samsary, BSE, Barbary,
Bombs, Torpedos, Nuclear, Traffic jams, Schizophrenic, Concentration camps,
Heartless, Prestige, Zyklon B, Napalm, Vicious, Debris...

Lullaby, Fairy Tales,
Spiritual, Harmonies, Maternal, Honey, Poetry, Feathers, Meditation,
Avalokitechvara, Peace, Caress, Honesty, Muse, Magnifica-ing, Relief, Gardian Angel, Cain and Abel, Birth, Death, Essence, Camouflage, Natural, Clonage, Aphrodite, Attila, Gandhi, Generals, Tenderness


Paramilitary, Clonee, Refugee Camps, Chains and Guns, Whips and pain,
Identifies, Immolation, Attacks, Carpet Bombs, Biological, Chemical,
Genocide, Amputees, Catastrophes, Crualty, Dictator, Insane, Victims,
Poverty, Heartbreak, Factories, OGM, Handcuffs, Horrid traps,
Massacres, Lapidation, Four Quarters, Hell on Earth, Homeless, Fire
Blaze, Jezabel, Barbary, Destroy, Futile, Despair, Cataclysm, NRA (National Rifle Association),
Uranium, BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy), Bombs, Tropedos, Nuclear, Traffic Jams, Schizophrenic,
Concentration Camps, Heartless, Prestige, Zyklon B, Napalm, Vicious,

White Hate...

EZ3kiel -
Illustration: Pochette Album Barb4ry